Enquirer Herald

A moment in history

On Christmas Eve morning, we watched as the U.S. Senate passed the most sweeping health reform since Medicare. The bill is both comprehensive and complex, and it will be amended and perfected as it advances through the legislative process. The impact of the bill is stunning, and especially significant is the fact that, when it is signed into law, 31 million Americans will have access to health coverage who don't under the current system. And no longer will coverage be denied based on pre-existing conditions.

There were legislators vehemently opposed to the bill, and history will judge the veracity of their points of opposition. It is truly a bill for the people, and, at this important moment in history, we are grateful to those Congressmen and Senators who have listened to the people, and who have supported this much-needed and long-overdue reform. They have demonstrated their commitment to ensuring that health care is not a privilege, but a right of all Americans.

Kathy Cantrell

Lake Wylie