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Ruffin joins race for District 3

Kenny Ruffin joins Joe Cox and Eddie Lee in the bid for the District 3 seat on York County Council.

Ruffin, 33, of Smyrna lost the Republican primary election in 2006 to incumbent Cox.

"I'd like to bring basic common sense back to county council," said Ruffin, who announced his candidacy Tuesday.

Ruffin is a father of three and an employee of Clover Tool Grinding.

After losing in 2006, Ruffin endorsed Cox's campaign against then incumbent Steve McNeely. Ruffin said Cox has not lived up to his promises.

On Monday, Ruffin criticized Cox for being "big government" and not addressing Pennies for Progress, the county's 1-cent sales tax program that funds road work, wanting to tax non-profits and supporting the idea of a trash incinerator.

Ruffin said he wants to see more money spent on paving roads and fire protection in his district. He also wants the interests of families represented better in the county's 2025 Land Use Plan.

Cox refutes Ruffin's claims. "I made no promises other than to do the best job I can," he said.

Ruffin and Cox will face off June 10 in the Republican primary. The winner will challenge York Mayor Eddie Lee, a Democrat, in November.

The deadline to file is noon Sunday.