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Palmetto Veterinary Medicine opens satellite practice in Clover

CLOVER -- Animals in Clover are about to experience more love close to home.

Gretchen and James Love, who currently own Palmetto Veterinary Medicine and Surgery in McConnells, have set up a satellite clinic in Clover. It's expected to open this week in the Sloan Financial Building, 1474 S.C. 55 E.

For the last four years, Gretchen Love been working at a clinic in Fort Mill, but decided recently to start her own.

"A lot of (Clover residents) were driving to see me in McConnells," James Love said. "I said, 'If I got this many folks driving to McConnells from Clover, then that's probably a good location.'"

Gretchen Love has always loved animals, and if you had asked her as a child what she wanted to be, she probably would have said an animal doctor.

Love likes that her job is varied, she said. "I get to work on a puppy, so I'm doing pediatrics, and then the next exam is a geriatric dog. I get to do surgery. I get to do dentistry. I get to do optometry and dermatology. I get to be like 10 different doctors all in one."

She also loves the response animals give when they feel better.

"One of the wonderful things about animals is they're so expressive with their emotions," she said. "They're so appreciative."

Gretchen Love's partnership with her husband began in a gross anatomy class they had together at vet school in Tennessee and has continued ever since.

When the Clover clinic opens, their computers will be linked so they can share information on pets in case anyone brings an animal to the other's clinic.

Janet Richardson, director of Richardson Rescue in York, has worked with the Loves to get medical attention for the animals she takes in.

"I love Dr. Love's office," she said. "They really help this rescue a lot. They go above and beyond."

Clover really needs to have a vet, Richardson said, adding the Loves are a good fit because they care about animals and offer a fair price.

Emergency after-hours calls and more serious cases will be handled at the McConnells office, which is close to the Love's home.

"If I'm going to be 30 minutes away, I don't want to have an animal up here (in Clover) I need to check three times in the middle of the night," she said.

Grooming and care for farm animals also will be handled in McConnells.

The clinic will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to noon. For details, call 222-7381.