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Letters - March 27, 2008

Change waiting period

We are the fifth and sixth students in Mrs. Lavalle's and Ms. Stroud's class at York One Academy in York, SC. We are working on a fantastic program called Project Citizen. Project Citizen is a program for middle and high school students and youth groups that promotes responsible participation in local and state government.

My class has been studying Animal Cruelty, which appears to be a growing problem and has recently been addressed in local and state newspapers.

In York County, injured animals have to stay at the local animal shelter for five days, as required by the state law. Our local shelter does not have an adequate budget to provide the necessary supplies and equipment to provide advanced treatment. Therefore, they cannot assure that injured animals get appropriate medical care as soon as possible.

The animal shelter needs a full-time veterinarian to care for injured animals that require medical attention. Presently we have a part-time veterinarian and full-time tech assistant. We are also concerned that our local animal shelter does not have an X-ray machine. The shelter needs an X-ray machine because they shouldn't just look at the animal and say it has a broken leg. In addition, we are concerned that injured animals are not allowed to be released to third parties until after the five-day waiting period as recommended by the State Law 47-3-60. We believe that this law needs to be amended to make exceptions depending on the seriousness of injuries.

We have come up with some possible solutions. We think the law should be amended to allow injured animals to be treated by a third party during the five-day waiting period. In a way this is similar to a foster care program. Our class sent out surveys to members of the community for their views on injured animals receiving immediate care and treatment. Many people agree that a change should take place. We suggested raising local taxes to increase the shelter budget and of course that choice wasn't selected at all. Another suggestion that was not checked often was donations and grants as a way to raise the budget to buy needed supplies. The survey showed that most people thought concerned citizens and animal rescue groups should be allowed to help animals. We agree, but the animal should be allowed help during the five-day holding period. We are asking the community to write the county council requesting a change in the county ordinance.

Cody Sherrin

Marcell Jordan

Alex Fetty

Brittany McConnell

York One Academy

In response

Elton Hubbard is a product of the public school system and just did not understand the part of my letter he criticized when he wrongly claimed I failed to mention, "...that our country already has some socialized programs."

I plainly wrote, "Starting with ... the New Deal Liberalism legislation of the 30s (The new way of saying 'Socialism), our nation is today taking the final step to Socialism if either hillary or Obama is elected president."

Most of the socialism in our government today and 80 percent of our deficit spending (Entitlements) comes from the Socialistic legislation of FDR and his 'young lions' in the 1930s.

Mr. Hubbard thinks that the current republican administration is responsible for the "boondoggle" of prescription coverage for seniors without mentioning that 90 percent of the government's waste, corruption and cause for fraud came about from democrat administrations. Unlike Hubbard, I hold both parties responsible.

There is nothing to prevent Mr. Hubbard or anyone from donating his own money, voluntarily to help pay for the health care of others he mentions. He doesn't have to wait for the higher taxes that will surely come.

I say loud and clear to Hubbard: no government; no Mafia; no mob wanting to be charitable with other people's money, has the moral right to take my money by force or threat of force and give it to someone else, for any reason.

The newspaper won't give me enough space to explain Economics 101 and that's a shame because our public school system is not doing it and it is causing an entire generation to be culturally illiterate. They don't know, "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch."

We have almost every candidate for public office claiming that if elected they will give every citizen health care from cradle to grave; they will give everyone a job; they will arrange for every student to graduate from college; that they will end the wars and bring the troops home; they will give everyone a home. They tell you all.....except.....who will pay for it all.......not they.

This is all bull-processed fodder. They can't do any of it unless they spend their own money and they are not about to do that. The altruism of all socialists is based on lies and fluff.

For the last hundred years our government has gradually become Socialized. The government has made each of us either the hammer or the anvil. They force us to "contribute" an enormous per centage of our earnings so that we are dependent on S.S. checks if we live long enough.

If I thought Cuba was so great, I would move there

Charles Blackwell


Clearing it up

Since you have published my letter, I have received phone calls and letters, sometimes with hateful comments and childish name calling, from people that seem not to be adult enough to be open and honest with their opinions in a public manner. Open discussion and debate is one of the greatest things we have in this country and if anyone has an opinion on a subject that they do not agree with, they should not be afraid to share it.

I have been told that my comments were hard to follow in the letter and I would like to clear up a few possibly misunderstood points.

The boondoggle of the prescription care plan for seniors in this country is better than nothing at all, but what are seniors to do when the reach the "donut hole" and can't afford their prescriptions? It is not that I do not understand how the program works, but I have seen with my own eyes how the plan has failed some seniors.

When I said that the military is a social program I meant just that. It is financed and operated by the government, this was to point out that we already have some socialized programs in this country, so when a person says that any type of socialized medicine is just a shortcut to Socialism and Communism they are mis-informed and fail to recognize that this country is a Democratic Republic with some responsibilities that our government should have even if they are social programs. I am all for smaller government and would like nothing better than less government intrusion in our daily lives but the fact remains that sometimes that just can't happen.

I was sent a letter that stated that I contradicted myself when I said that more people should do more for themselves -- I truly do believe this -- but in the same sentence said everyone needs health care. While I agree that this is a contradiction, not all people in this country have or can afford healthcare, and that is a cold hard fact. Everyone can go to the emergency and get medical treatment but what about people that have an ongoing chronic condition or disease that can't be treated with just an emergency room visit? The letter also stated that my example of Cuba's program was grossly in error and it was not. The average life expectancy for Cuban's is 76.2 years, while this may or may not relate to socialized medicine it is still a fact.

The "game" that I was referring to that Castro beat Kennedy at is that he did not bow down to us or any other country and he is still here.

I do not wish to pay more taxes just like everyone else, but if government can see fit to take our tax money and fight an unjust war in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 then why can't it use taxes to provide healthcare for our citizens? I work hard for what I have and do not ask the government or anyone else for a handout and I know that most people don't either.

Our government is the worst form of government in the world, except for all other governments. This statement is true -- we have major problems in our government but it is still better than any other government in any other country in the world. Why don't more citizens stand up and say to their Representative or Congressman that we need to fix the problems we have here at home before policing the world?

I believe that people should do for themselves but we all know that there are times when not everyone can.

The main point that I was trying to make in my original letter was that NO politician and NO political party is 100 percent right or 100 percent wrong and that they both promise the world to get elected and then it seems that they only attend to their agenda not to our countries citizens needs.

If anyone disagrees with my opinion good for you and stand up and make your argument and maybe minds will be changed and good honest discussion will come out of it.

Elton Hubbard