Enquirer Herald

An Open Letter to the Voters of the S.C. 5th District:

By now, I hope you have had time to consider the results of us sending Congressman John Spratt to represent us for the past 28 years. On March 21, Spratt voted for the Health Care Bill appropriately known as Obamacare. In reality, we will find that Spratt voted for the biggest job killing, freedom stealing, tax increasing, IRS expanding (16,500 new IRS employees), Medicare cutting and tax payer funding of abortions bill that is a giant step towards this administration’s goal of making our country a Socialist nation.

Spratt is supposed to be our representative. Instead, he has become Nancy Pelosi’s lap dog. There are other colorful descriptions I could use, but will refrain as this is a family friendly paper.

Spratt’s voting record does not reflect the conservative values we find in our family and neighbors in the 5th district. It amazes me that my friends, neighbors and the good folks of our area can live so conservatively and vote so liberally. That’s exactly what you have done and will continue to do if you vote for Spratt this November. It is time to start thinking for yourselves and stop voting a straight Democratic ticket because Grandpa said that was the way to go. If Grandpa was here today he would certainly be appalled that we keep sending a liberal to D.C. to be our representative.

By the way, there are plenty of RINO’s in Columbia who should to be sent packing as well.

It is time we get Spratt out of our house. Register to vote. Get involved in the campaign to oust Spratt. If you vote for Spratt again this fall, your ancestors will curse your name for what you have done.

Bobby Jordan