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Residential units closer at Lake Wylie shopping center

Although the door has been shut on the patio home project within Shoppes at the Landing off S.C. 49, a new plan could welcome new residents home soon.

The York County Council last week passed the second of three required readings for a major change for Patio at the Landing. Fewer patio homes - single-family homes geared toward singles or empty-nesters - at a higher price point along Channel and Mill Pond roads will be replaced, after final approval, with more townhomes at a reduced price.

Before the unanimous council vote Aug. 15, the rezoning request joined another from Rock Hill in passing the county zoning committee.

"Both of them went forward through committee with approval recommendations," said Dave Pettine, county interim planning and development director.

Originally approved in 2007, Patio at the Landing called for 28 single-family units, with three lots along Mill Pond Road being "traditional" homes and the remaining 25 being patio homes. The new project, called Lake Wylie Towns, allows for 71 townhome units, leaving only three Mill Pond Drive lots as originally planned.

The original plan called for a 5,600-square-foot minimum lot size, a 3,000-square-foot minimum unit and 56 parking spaces. The new agreement doesn't have a minimum lot size, includes 16- to 32-foot wide units and would need 139 parking spaces.

Jerry Plageman with BPS Investments in Lake Wylie submitted the rezoning application. The change, he said, was needed.

"We originally had in that area patio homes that were probably going to average in the $350,000 to $450,000 range," Plageman said. "The market has just gone away."

The initial patio plan required all-brick construction. The new plan calls for at least 60 percent brick or stone, with the remaining portions decorative siding, wood, vinyl or stucco. Corner units will remain all brick.

The property hasn't been sold to a builder, so project specifics aren't set. Plageman envisions courtyards and attached garages, putting more into amenities than overall unit size. The community could still draw young and single professionals or empty-nesters and could see units in the 1,200- to 1,900-square-foot range closer to $150,000 to $200,000.

Eve Kisielewicz, a resident at The Landing across Mill Pond Road, wasn't thrilled last week when she heard about the new plans, particularly the lower price points.

"That was exactly what they promised us wouldn't happen," she said.

Kisielewicz doesn't want lower-priced townhomes to devalue higher priced homes within The Landing, which is why her community initially supported the patio home plan, she said.

The new zoning actually returns to the original zoning before the Patio at the Landing plan, Plageman said. He anticipates, following final approval, a fairly quick transition toward getting the project going.

"We'll probably be marketing it within the next 40 days," Plageman said.

According to county planning staff, the 9.79-acre project "partially" meets the county's long-term goals of single-family residential units at the site and will provide a buffer between The Landing and future commercial development in Shoppes at the Landing. Much of the additional parking would be on-street, and the changes are "unlikely to create major changes in traffic patterns." A traffic study won't be required.