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York Co. GOP head to lead traffic camera group

York County Republican chairman Glenn McCall has been picked to lead a legislative committee that already has missed its deadline to report findings to state lawmakers.

On Friday, McCall got a call from Gov. Nikki Haley's office, telling him he had been appointed to the S.C. Traffic Enforcement Commission.

On Tuesday, the committee - which has never met - missed its reporting deadline.

"I'm on the hot seat, and I didn't know how hot until I got a call from a reporter," McCall said Wednesday.

The commission was created after legislators banned the use of cameras to enforce speeding laws and tickets based on photographic evidence. The law was enacted after the town of Ridgeland hired iTraffic, which deployed traffic cameras along Interstate 95. The town and the company both profited from the boost in speeding fines.

The legislation banning use of the cameras called for a commission to examine the ethical, legal and policy issues posed by the cameras.

McCall said Thursday he has "no expertise whatsoever" regarding the issue. He said he was not aware of the Ridgeland issue but was aware that Charlotte had removed its traffic cameras.

"My skills are to manage the group, rely on their expertise," said McCall, who has 28 years of experience in the banking business.

The traffic commission has 12 other members, including elected officials, judges, state agency heads and representatives from law enforcement, prosecutors and defense attorneys.

McCall said he would be calling the governor's office and the Senate staff to find out who is on the committee and what organization would provide staff support.

"I think we'll be fine," McCall said. While the committee has missed deadline, McCall said his goal is to have a report to the Legislature before it returns in January.