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2 arrested in York meth lab bust

Two people were arrested Sunday in the first meth lab bust of 2012 after investigators discovered they were making the drugs in their home, York County officials say.

Carl Eugene Campbell, 38, and Gwendolyn Denise Strikey, 39, both of York, have each been charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance and exposing a child to the manufacturing of methamphetamine, along with state drug law violations, according to police documents. Campbell is being held in Moss Justice Center on a $387,500 bond while Strikey awaits a $282,500 bond.

On Sunday morning, York County Multijurisdictional Drug Enforcement Unit agents served arrest warrants at 1048 Campbell Road, which is listed as Campbell and Strikey's address on reports, according to a York County Sheriff's Office report.

Inside, officers saw several items used to make methamphetamine, including eight syringes, two digital scales and packing materials.

They also seized multiple doses of various medications, including five units of Lyrica, 49 units of Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride, which is a muscle relaxer, and 112 units of Hydrochlorothiazide/lisinopril, which helps relieve blood pressure and fluid retention, the report states. The two did not have valid prescriptions for any of the seized medications.

A 16-year-old boy was inside the home at the time, the report states.

Campbell has four prior drug-related convictions.

This is the first meth lab bust of the year, said drug unit commander Marvin Brown. There were six in 2010 and the number climbed to 10 in 2011. Three of the labs in 2011 exploded.

The labs are a major concern for drug agents, Brown said.

"We're hoping that we're going to be down this year because we did a lot of work on meth labs last year," he said.

Some of the work included targeting meth "crooks" and putting them in jail, he said. They arrested more than 20 people last year with various meth charges.

In November 2011, 34-year-old Carl Joseph Yelvington was arrested on a manufacturing meth charge after a meth lab exploded at his Rock Castle Drive home in York.

Earlier that year, there were five meth lab busts in six weeks. One of those was a in a Rock Hill hotel while another was in the back of a man's pick-up truck in the Tega Cay Walmart.

Meth labs in public places are the biggest concern, Brown said.

"We're really concerned about some we had last year that were in hotel rooms," he said. "If they explode in hotel rooms, innocent poeple could die."