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York woman claims boyfriend beat puppy

A York woman claims she saw her boyfriend beat their puppy over the weekend, though she did not file charges.

The 28-year-old woman said she and her 23-year-old boyfriend have a pit bull puppy, according to a York police report. She was inside their home when she heard the puppy screaming and looked outside to see her boyfriend hitting the puppy in his head and stomach with his foot. She said he also tossed the puppy onto the porch.

She ran outside and forced her boyfriend to stop, the report states.

Officers saw the puppy bleeding from his front paw and said he “wasn’t doing too well,” the report states.

The woman could not find a 24-hour vet, so police called animal control. Animal control said if the woman signed the puppy over they would get in touch with their vet, but she refused, saying she wanted to keep it. She was also worried animal control would not give it back to her.

The woman was not sure if she would file charges against the boyfriend, according to the report.

The puppy’s current condition is not known.