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York County students excel in Model U.N. at Winthrop

York County high schools captured several awards at this past week's Model United Nations at Winthrop University.

For a week, hundreds of students from South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia debated and discussed global issues, simulating the United Nations. This year's theme was "Arab League: Weighing in on Democratic World Issues."

Out of multiple awards, Fort Mill High School participated as Israel and took the Secretariat Award for contributing the most to the success of the conference, according to a release. The school also took the top committee performer award in the Legal Committee portion.

Northwestern High and student Jonathan Patton, acting as Russia, and Rock Hill High as Nicaragua also won top committee performer awards.

In the Political and Security Committee portion, Fort Mill and York Comprehensive High and York student Sarah Schultz were recognized.

For the Arab League, Fort Mill was noted as a major contributor, and Northwestern was once again recognized in the security council. In the General Assembly category, Fort Mill and Rock Hill were honored.