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Scholar-athlete honors given at YCHS

Senior scholar-athlete awards from the South Carolina High School League were presented during the York Comprehensive High School spring sports awards ceremony.

The scholar-athlete criteria requires at least a 3.5 GPA.

The following senior student-athletes received the awards: Courtney Aiken, Daley Ballard, Sloane Brandon, Brittany Cannon, Lealon Comer, Dillon Cossin, Corey Dover, Andre Foulks, Gabrielle Garrison, Michael Gold, Jesse Green, Tucker Griffin, Amy Herbert, Zachary Hudson, Will Jenkins, Ivey LaValle, Taylor Littlejohn-Barr, Kathryn Lohman, Max Long, Valerie Mattingly, Bethany Moorefield, Joseph Needham, Allison Rogers, Sarah Schultz, Mark Shirley, Caleb Shuford, Andrew Skow, Cyndi Smith, Denetta Smith, Sandy Vang, Zonchance Vang, Dean Walters, Savanna Wells and Greg Zelenak.

YCHS Athletic Booster Club Mose Holsclaw/Gray Dickson Memorial Scholarships were presented to the following: Daley Ballard, Lakendra Patterson, Sloane Brandon, Bethany Moorefield, Matt Bostic, Brittany Cannon, Corey Dover, Gabby Garrison, Sarah Schultz and Cyndi Smith.

“We are proud of all of our scholarship recipients,” said YCHS Athletic Director Steve Boyd. “We encourage student-athletes to excel in the classroom as well as athletic competition.”