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Clover Schools looks to add 17 new teacher positions

CLOVER -- Seventeen new teaching slots to handle growth are part of the Clover School District's proposed budget for 2008/2009.

Last year, Clover had the second highest growth percentage in the state and they're projecting an increase of about 350 students for next year.

But other than that, there is little change in the budget. No programs are being cut or added, said district spokesman Greg Reid.

As expected, the school district will increase property tax by 6 mills again this year, the maximum allowed by the state. Owner-occupied homes are not affected by the increase, however, because of state legislation that exempts them.

Those who are affected will see an increase of about $36 for $100,000 of value, said Ken Love, district finance director.

School districts in the state have been cautious drawing up their budgets this year with the uncertainty of how much money they'll be getting from the state. Last year, the state legislature voted to replace owner-occupied home school property tax with a 1 percent sales tax.

The school district probably won't know until August how much they'll get from this new form of funding, which makes budgeting difficult, Love said.

"Anything you see right now for this year or next year is an absolute guess right now," he said. "It's a calculated, mathematical guess."

Meal prices are expected to increase by between 10 and 15 percent this year to handle the rising cost of food, but a definite amount has not been set yet, Love said.

If approved this will be the first time lunch prices have increased since 2002, he said.

-- Adam MacInnis, staff