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York teen accused of intentionally striking man with his car

A York teen is accused of hitting an 18-year-old man with his car Wednesday after he had an argument with one of the car’s occupants, police say.

The 15-year-old boy was charged with attempted murder, according to a York County Sheriff’s Office report.

A woman called deputies and reported seeing a white Nissan Altima intentionally hit a man who was attempting to leave the area of Spicewood Drive on foot, according to the report. She had seen several people inside the car, one of which was the teen and a girl. The girl had gotten out of the car and slapped someone in the face.

She and the victim exchanged some words, before they began driving off, the report states. As the car was leaving, someone threw an ashtray and a pill bottle at the victim.

Another woman who happened to be near the road at the time said she heard the car hit the victim, the report states. When the car came speeding by, she had to grab her young daughter to keep her from getting hit as well.

Deputies spoke with the victim at Piedmont Medical Center, the report states. He said he was talking with some people when one of the girls hit one of his friends in the face. He and the girl argued after he told her not to hit his friends. He gave them the middle finger before walking away, which is when he said they sped up and hit him.

The victim had cuts to his elbow, forearm, wrist and kidney area, the report states.

Other witness statements confirm that the driver intended to hit the victim.

Deputies later met up with the teenage suspect and served him the attempted murder warrant, according to the report.