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Clover man threatens to shoot-up Fort Mill workplace

A Fort Mill business was placed on lockdown last week after authorities learned an employee had threatened to shoot co-workers, according to a York County Sheriff’s Office report.

The employee, a 38-year-old Clover man, allegedly told his wife on the morning of July 26 that he had been called in to work a waste removal facility, located in Fort Mill, and that he was afraid he would lose his job. He allegedly told his wife if he lost his job, he would shoot people at the facility and open fire on police if they tried to stop him, the report states.

The man’s wife told her supervisor about her husband’s threat, and it was relayed to law enforcement. Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene and placed the business on lockdown. They located the suspect and questioned him about the threat. He told authorities that he was just “blowing off steam” when speaking to his wife, and he had no intention of harming anyone, the report states.

Deputies said he cooperated with their investigation and calmly explained he was stressed out because of fear that he would lose his job and not be able to provide for his wife and 10-month-old child, the report states.

The man agreed to let police search him, his locker, work vehicle and personal vehicle. He told deputies before the search that he had a knife in his pocket and a gun with ammo in the trunk of his car, the report states. Deputies found no other weapons or suspicious items, and the gun was determined to be legally owned and properly stored in the trunk, the report states. The suspect passed a psychiatric evaluation.

He was eventually released from custody and allowed to go home. His employment status was not disclosed by authorities.