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Let's get rid of the deductions, too

If we are going to end Medicare, Social Security, food stamps and welfare, let us do it for everyone, including the costs incurred by government welfare to corporations and the rich.

Some of these costs include:

Building roads, building towers to be used by cell phone and cable providers, and building water systems: all gone.

Providing technical education to train a capable work force for industry, hospitals and the like: gone.

Providing funds to hospitals for indigent care costs that our broken health care system leaves them with: gone.

Subsidies to all oil, gas and coal companies: gone.

Small business loans: gone.

Building large sports stadiums with municipal bonds that are paid back with taxpayer money: gone.

Floating bonds to build schools to be paid back by taxpayer dollars: gone.

Giving special tax breaks to incoming industries and letting them pay “fees in lieu of taxes,” which means they pay little or no local or state tax: gone.

Maintaining our interstate highway system that benefits the trucking industry: gone.

All laws allowing corporations and the rich to move their money offshore or into Swiss bank accounts: gone

Payments to help industries move their plants overseas: gone.

Mitt Romney’s deduction of $77,000 for a dancing horse should go if we are going to take away the $3,500 deduction for each child that a family has. Going, going, gone!

Mary Ellen ConnollyYork