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Clover, get out and vote

It's no secret that we take great pride in our community.

At least one would think that on the surface.

But do people really care about the core issues driving their community?

Judging by the number of votes cast in last week's York County Council District 2 Republican Primary, we think the answer's "no." Numbers don't lie.

Only 1,084 votes came in June 10 from the District 2 precincts. Turnout in District 2 varied by precincts, ranging from more than 16 percent at Bethel No. 2 (River Hills area) to less than 5 percent at Bethel No. 1 and Clover No. 2.

It's just as pitiful that in our growing and proactive area, only 25 people showed up for the candidate's debate forum held June 4 at Crowders Creek schools.

Maybe they didn't vote because the ballot was small and didn't have big names like Obama, Clinton or McCain. Perhaps voter excitement from the presidential primary didn't carry over to the June primaries.

Throughout history, many Americans have ignored primaries. But most of the times -- including on June 10 in District 2 -- primaries are more important than the November general election.

Perhaps people don't realize just how much this race means.

Do you know that our District 2 representative is actually the only local politician representing you at the county level?

Only 173 votes separated the top two contenders -- incumbent Tom Smith and challenger David McCorkle, who will face each other in a June 24 runoff. And this is it folks, there are no Democrat candidates, so whoever wins will represent you.

Do you care about the future of our area? Do you want to see more green space? More uniform building schemes? More fire, police and other safety service protections?

Then stop being apathetic and be reactive.

Take time to read and learn about each candidate, and go to the polls on June 24.

Second chances don't come very often. Make your voice heard and do your part to help shape the future of our community.

Go vote.

The editorial opinion of The Enquirer-Herald is reached by a consensus of a board consisting Community Publications Director Patricia Larson and Editor Shannon Greene. Lake Wylie Pilot contributed.