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Clover installs new welcome sign

CLOVER -- To celebrate Clover's close connection with its sister city in Larne, Northern Ireland, the town will install new welcome signs commemorating the sister cities ties.

When drivers along Highway 321 come into Clover, they'll be greeted with the words, "Welcome to Clover, Sister City of Larne Northern Ireland."

The 36-inch by 24-inch metal sign, which cost about $240, features a green border and bold red letters over a background picture of a four-leaf clover.

"We want to continue educating about our sister city, expose the community to a different culture and develop further social and economic ties with Larne," said Clover Town Administrator Allison Harvey.

The town was expected to dedicate the first sign on Wednesday while visiting guests from Larne, Liam Kelly and Fred Andrews, were still in town.

Wes Spurrier, council member and chairman of the Ulster American Society in Clover, says the town plans to add a total of four new signs. Each will be placed at the four entrances to Clover on the two major highways that run near the town, S.C. 55 and Highway 321. Spurrier says council still needs to examine the area before determining the exact placement of each sign, and says both the placement and designs of the signs could change based on the council's initial reaction and feedback from the community.

"We've only purchased one sign thus far," Spurrier said. "Possibly, we could have a mixture of differently designed signs or we could end up taking this one down and putting another kind up."

Larne and Clover have had a close relationship since the late 1990s, but only became sister cities in 2007 after a delegation from Clover traveled to Larne to sign the Sister Cities agreement.

Larne installed its own signs declaring its relationship with Clover several years ago.