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Yorkville Pharmacy marks 10 years

When Deborah Bowers worked as a retail pharmacist, she said, “I was miserable.” The pace at which she was required to work meant she didn’t have the time to know the patrons.

Now, her patrons know Bowers, 35, as well as they know her children, 6-year-old Jordan, 6, and 3-year-old Brooklyn Grace, 3.The difference? Bowers went for working for someone to being the boss. She operates Yorkville Pharmacy on Liberty Street in York.

The pharmacy is celebrating its 10th year in business, recently offering breakfast, hotdogs and popcorn and other free gifts to mark its anniversary.

“This is more than a just a business,” she said. “Hopefully we are building a legacy.”

Yorkville Pharmacy employs five staff, in addition to Bowers.

Bowers said computers will check to see if prescribed drugs will interact with each other. That helps the pharmacist, she said, but there is no computer that can replace the one-on-one conversations with patients.

The pharmacy works with doctors and insurance companies to make sure patients get the drugs they need, she said. “I’m happy to help people find the cheaper alternatives,” for drugs, such as using generics rather than more expensive name brands.