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Platinum thieves sought Got news?

YORK -- York Police Chief Bill Mobley said authorities are still looking for the individuals who broke into Doan's Plumbing on June 24, stealing the catalytic converters -- a piece of a vehicle's exhaust system -- from three vans and stealing tools.

"It's becoming a growing problem," Mobley said about the thefts. "They're after that little piece of platinum inside the catalytic converter."

Mobley said thieves often steal pieces of metal they can sell at scrap yards for cash. In the past, vehicle hubcaps and copper pipe from air conditioners have been targeted, he said. Mobley said police are beginning to see more catalytic converters stolen from cars and trucks.

Police say at least two thieves were caught on security cameras. Altogether, three vans had the parts removed and tools were stolen, totaling about $1,500 in damage, according to the report.

"It hurt us," said Stacy Green, Doan's office manager. "They stole our service tools, power tools, all kinds of stuff. They probably used our own tools to cut out the catalytic converters.

"It slowed us down, but our customers were very understanding," he said.

Owner Jimmy Doan told police many of the tools were individually-owned by his employees.

Mobley said even though Doan's had a fenced parking area with a locked gate and security cameras -- both are recommended measures for preventing break-ins -- officers are having a hard time identifying the suspects because it was dark.

"Unfortunately, the subjects in the video are just shadows," he said. "But we're still working on it."

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