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Clover to celebrate 125th Saturday with movie, hall of fame

The town of Clover will higlight its 125th anniversary with a Saturday Premiere Party that will feature the debut of a movie about life in Clover and the unveiling of a Clover Hall of Fame.

The red carpet-themed event at the Larne Building in downtown Clover also will feature the unveiling of a Clover Through the Years exhibit which features 120 old and new photographs that represent the community.

The Clover Hall of Fame features framed photographs and information about eight Clover citizens who have served in elected or appointed state office. The Clover Through the Years exhibit and the Hall of Fame will later be on display in the Clover Community Center.

The premier party — for which $20 tickets are on sale at Clover Town Hall — is the highlight of a seven-month anniversary celebration that began last fall and is to end March 17 with a time capsule burial.

“It’s going to be super fun,” said Jessica Cody, the town’s special events coordinator and chair of the party committee. “It will be like a red carpet event. We’re premiering the movie so I went in that direction.”

The movie, which features a snapshot of life in Clover in 2012, is being produced by Chester videographer David Beverley, and will first be shown to the public during the party.

Town Manager Allison Harvey said two earlier movies about life in Clover were produced in 1947 and 1985. The 1947 film is called “My Hometown,” she said, and has been saved on a DVD.

In 1985, she said, the Greater Clover Chamber of Commerce worked with a local television station to produce a second movie, which highlights the town’s history and shows local spots of interest.

“That was really the inspiration for this movie,” Harvey said about the two previous films. “Especially because we’re in the digital age, I felt like it would be really easy for us to put together something depicting life in Clover’s 125th year.”

The new film includes Clover history and highlights life in the town today, including interviews with local business people. It includes some community benchmarks, such as demographical information and details about the economy, local budgets and Clover school accomplishments.

“It’s going to talk about what makes us Clover — our history, our churches, our civic organizations,” Harvey said. “It want it to be interesting for people to watch it today, but there was an intention to make it something that will be interesting for people to watch 25 and 50 years from now.”

During the party, a silent auction will be held for a Clover-themed quilt made by a group of local women. Proceeds from the sale will benefit God’s Kitchen and the Clover Area Assistance Center.

The quilt was made by Dar Troxler, Andrew Meglii, Chrislin Mobley, Karen Murphy and Pearl Lemieux. If features a center panel with an aplique design of a train and water tank that represents the town’s history.

The town got its name from the clover that sprouted around a water tank along the Chester and Lenoir Narrow Gauge Railroad. Legend has it the spot became known as “clover patch” when water that spilled from the tank at a railroad stop caused the clover to grow.

The quilt’s center panel features the words “Clover, South Carolina 1887- 2012, 125 Years.” The quilt border includes the rail fence pattern and fabrics with clovers printed on them. The back of the quilt has a patch with the names of each of the quilters.

Hall of Fame inductees are:

• O. Frank Thornton, S.C. House of Representatives, 1935; and Secretary of State, 1950-1978

• Herb Kirsh, S.C. House of Representatives, 1978-2010

• W. Herbert Smith, S.C. Highway Commission, 1960-1964; and Chairman, 1963-1964

• J. B. “Bate” Harvey, S.C. House of Representatives, 1954-1965 and 1974-1978

• J. E. “Jim” Beamguard, S.C. House of Representatives, 1900-1906, 1911-1912 and 1923-1924; and S.C. Senate, 1913-1920 and 1925-1928

• Stan Spears, S.C. Adjutant General, 1995-2011

• Dr. Issac J. Campbell, S.C. House of Representatives, 1925-1928; and S.C. Senate, 1928-1931

• J. Moffatt Wylie, S.C. House of Representatives, 1946-1948