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Police: York burglary suspect breaks into federal cop’s home

A 63-year-old York man remains jailed without bond after allegedly breaking into a home belonging to a federal agent just hours after his release from jail, according to police and jail records.

When York County Sheriff’s office deputies arrived at the York home of the federal agent, Jeremi Blankley, Wednesday morning just minutes after midnight, Blankley had Fred Michael Capuano, 63, at gunpoint on the back deck, according to the report. Capuano “appeared disoriented and was covering his face with his hands,” the report states, had slurred speech and appeared to be intoxicated.

Blankley, the federal policeman, told deputies that he started to fall asleep when he heard a thumping noise coming from the back of his house, then saw the back door handle being jiggled. Blankley then apprehended Capuano and called police.

Capuano told deputies he was lost and had a couple of beers earlier in the day, yet sheriff’s office records showed Capuano had been released from the county jail around 9 p.m. Tuesday after an arrest for breach of peace. His arrest at the agent’s house was about three hours later.

Capuano was charged with burglary and public disorderly conduct.