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Report: York teen beaten for gang initiation

A York teenager was allegedly beaten by a mob of gang members as part of an initiation ritual into their group, according to a York Police report.

The 14-year-old boy and his mother came to police on March 15 to report the attack. The child told police he was jumped by a group of about 20 gang members on March 12. He said the gang members held him down and took turns beating him in the chest, the report states.

The boy told police he was still in pain, and photos were taken of bruises to his chest. The boy told police the suspects are members of the “Black Mafia” and “White Goons” gangs.

He told police the suspects told him to report to a home on Thicket Run on March 16 as part of his initiation. The victim told police they threatened to kill him if he didn’t participate, the report states.

The case was referred to detectives and is being investigated as a lynching. No arrests have been made.