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Clover High student arrested on bullying charge

A Clover High School student was arrested earlier this week after officials say he bullied several students for several months.

According to York County Sheriff’s Office report, a 14-year-old student faces harassment/bullying charges in family court for threatening a 14-year-old peer.

Mychal Frost, public information officer for Clover School District, said resource officer Timothy Lee filed the report.

“The student had previous documented cases of bullying,” Frost said. “A single incident is not bullying by itself. This student has a repeated pattern of behavior.”

According to the sheriff’s report, Ninth Grade Academy Principal Nicole Thompson was notified of several students in a class bullying one student. Incidents included the victim’s lunch box being knocked off his desk daily or hidden from him before lunch, demeaning things being said in front of the class, and the student even being hit by his thrown lunch box at one point in the semester.

According to the report, students provided two names, but the arrested teen was identified as the primary individual.

The victim hesitantly admitted to being victimized for nine weeks in class, the report states. He said his lunch box was routinely knocked of his desk or hidden, and that the suspect made comments of demoralizing nature with sexual innuendos involving his mother, and joked about the type of video games he played.

“The victim, while speaking, was visibly upset and nervous to implicate anyone in doing something wrong,” the report states.

Thompson told the deputy this was the third documented case of this type of behavior this school year involving the suspect. According to the report, the suspect faced school discipline in November and January for similar behavior toward another male student and female student, respectively.

“He did not think anything was wrong with it due to it being a different person than the other two. He also admitted to doing this in front of the class in an act to ‘fit in,’” the report states.

The suspect was arrested and his parents contacted, according to the report. The parents agreed with what was happening and told officials the teen also bullies his younger brother.

“The bullying involving the younger brother and the suspect has gotten so bad, the parents stated the younger sibling has ‘shut down’ and the family therapist has recommended separating the two sibling,” the report states.

Frost said disciplinary action at school is separate from the juvenile court and varies by case.

“The biggest thing to do is document cases when such activity is happening,” Frost said.