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Letter: Take the time to vote

Take the time to vote

About 1. 3 million soldiers have died in all of America’s wars since our beginning as a country. This number is staggering when you consider that these people who died did so simply because of their faith in a great cause, the preservation of our great United States of America.

They died because the beliefs they held as coincided with America's core beliefs. These were triumphant sacrifices, everyone of them. When we are born, all we are given is a name. As American citizens we are granted life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and a Constitution, the oldest in world history. In our country, when you reach 18 you can vote, which virtually gives you the power over all our government. You create our laws. All of those leaders you elect, they work for you.

As South Carolinians, we have the power to change our state for the better. To achieve this statewide improvement and to make a difference, vote for all your local, state and federal leaders on Election Day 2014 and the elections to come.

As people in a democratic republic, it is our responsibility to vote. Only under our will and bidding do our leaders create and enact laws that protect and defend us.

Local and state elections have the most impact on our daily lives. Vote for the future of South Carolina and feel proud of what can be created here.

Alfred H. Baker

Rock Hill