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Clover couple charged with child neglect

A Clover couple was charged with child neglect recently after two boys in diapers were found walking along Kings Mountain Street, and one walked into the road.

The owner of the Open Air Flea Market at 406 Kings Mountain St. called police around 8 a.m. Sept. 27 to report that two small boys in diapers were walking unattended along S.C. 55.

One boy walked into the road, the report said. Police said both children were only wearing diapers and appeared to be younger than 4. One was pushing a plastic outdoor toy car, and the other was pushing a plastic toy lawn mower.

The business owner told police that he yelled for the children to stop because they were near the road. The older child moved in front of the younger one as if to protect him, and in doing so, the older child stepped into the road and was almost hit by a passing car, the owner told police.

Police followed the children to 107 Armstrong St., which the older child said was his home. A relative who police met near the home identified the boys as her nephews, ages 2 and 3.

The boys’ mother, Brittney LaShea Weeks, 22, answered the door and began crying when police told them that the children had been found near the roadway.

Weeks said she and her husband, Bradley James Weeks, 29, had gone to a bar the night before while a relative kept the two boys and a third child. She told police she later picked up the two boys, who were still awake, and that she took them home and went to sleep.

Brittany Weeks told police she was awakened when police knocked on the door and that she was unaware the boys had walked away from the home.

Police found numerous empty beer cans in the home and a device used to smoke marijuana. The children were placed with a relative, and the S.C. Department of Social Services was notified.