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Longtime York football supporter glad to be back

Longtime York football chain crew member Kenny Hartsoe, who broke two vertebrae in his neck when he was knocked to the ground during the Sept. 5 York-South Pointe game, was happy to be watching York’s game with Gaffney on Oct. 10.

Sitting in the stands next to his wife, Freida, Hartsoe was greeted by scores of friends and Cougar fans. “It’s great be back,” said Hartsoe. “I’d rather be down near the field, but I’m happy to be here watching the game.”

The avid York fan said he missed four games due to the neck injury and hopes to have his neck brace removed soon. “That’s more games than I missed the previous 40 years,” he said.

Freida Hartsoe, a former York cheerleader, said the family appreciates the outpouring of affection from the community.

“We want to thank so many people for their prayers, support, money and visits,” she said. “So many people responded.”

“The support has been wonderful,” Kenny Hartsoe said.

The Hartsoe’s son, Tim Hartsoe, president of the York Touchdown Club, said he took his father down to the field before the game. “I know it meant a lot to him,” Tim Hartsoe said.

Kenny and Tim Hartsoe are members of the York School District One Athletic Hall of Fame.