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Clover riding center adding services for veterans

Riding center adds services for veterans

RideAbility Therapeutic Riding Center in Clover is adding a program for veterans.

The program will support the physical and psychological recovery and well-being of military personnel, veterans and their families through interactions with horses.

With a grant from the Lutz Foundation of Chester, the center will begin the 10-week program in April. The goal is to teach new skills and accomplish personal goals that will enhance a healthy self-concept for work and home.

According to the center, some of the benefits of the program are:

•  Physical: Veterans with mobility impairments, including amputations and spinal cord injuries, benefit from this replicated gait which may ultimately assist some participants in relearning how to walk.

•  Social: The farm environment provides a safe, worry-free atmosphere for veterans to share concerns and rebuild trust and coping mechanisms.

•  Cognitive: With the horse as a gentle partner, cognitive, reasoning and decision-making skills may be enhanced while participating in activities that include learning about horses, equipment and the barn.

•  Emotional: Bonding with a large animal is believed to be physically relaxing and emotionally calming.

Space is limited. Lessons will be given at 1 p.m. Wednesdays and 2 p.m. Saturdays. Evaluations and medical approval to the program will begin in March by appointment only.

For more information, email the center at rideabilitysc@gmail.com, call program director Wendy Schonfeld at 803-222-6008 or go to www.Rideabilitysc.com.