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Rock Hill law firm opens branch in York

Morton and Gettys, Attorneys at Law has branched into to York.

The firm recently opened its third office in as an attempt to continue branching out. The firm already has offices in Rock Hill and Indian Land.

The York office is in the Congress Street Executive Center at 30 N. Congress St., Suite 200.

Both lawyers in the office, Elizabeth Owen and Bill Moody, have brought a contingent of clients and cases from their previous experience. Morton and Gettys takes cases ranging from civil litigation, criminal offense and family law to real estate and residential law or personal injury. Owen says they "cover the gamete" and handle most cases, regardless of which branch of law it falls under.

The firm already represented clients from the York area, but thought this move was more convenient for their clients and also gave their firm a presence in the community.

"It was important for us to be here so that they can see us," Moody said. "If people in the community can see our faces on a daily basis and get to know us a little better, they'll feel comfortable coming to see us when they need us."

Owen grew up just a block from the office. Her childhood home is also located within a block of the office and her family owned a furniture store and grocery story on Congress Street.

"I guess we just went from selling chickens down the street to selling legal services," Owen said. "It's kind of a dream of mine to be able to come back. It's good to help the people that helped you."

She moved to the York office from the Morton and Gettys office in Rock Hill, while Moody kept many of his clients from a previous law firm in the move to Morton and Gettys.

Owen and Moody both live in York and said it's important for them to help their neighbors.

"We want to help the people that we live around," Owen said. "Bill and I both live here and it makes sense to work over here and help the folks over here."

Moody said the move also benefits the people of York.

"We just want to be convenient to the folks in the western part of the county," Moody said. "There's probably a lot of people that don't want to go all the way to Rock Hill to find an attorney that can handle everything that they need."

Moody said York's small-town atmosphere has its perks.

"York is a smaller community, so when you do work for one person you find that their other family members and friends are referred to you," he said.

Morton and Gettys is a law firm established by founding partners John Gettys and Jim Morton in April of 2001. Michael Smith also became partner in January 2007.

For more information, call 684-9604.