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Clover roadwork to end this week

CLOVER -- The long string of traffic and break lights should come to an end this week as construction crews put the finishing touches on the S.C. 55 road project.

The project was supposed to wrap up by Oct. 31, but crews ran into utility issues that caused a delay, said Mike Camis, project manager with Eagle Construction.

"We had problems with a gas line at the corner of Clinton and Hwy. 55," Camis said. "We also had a water line issue around Matthews Street that stalled us on the pipe work."

But those issues have been resolved, and now crews are putting the final coat of asphalt on the road.

"We should be done paving by the end of the week," Camis said. "Then we'll work on the sidewalks a little next week and dress up the dirt and put in grass and be done."

The S.C. Department of Transportation project will modernize Clover's roads and sidewalks. In addition to widening the road, adding turn lanes and putting in pipes and sidewalks, the project calls for traffic signals on S.C. 55 at the intersections with Quinn Road and Clinton Avenue.

They were expected to turn on the Quinn Road light by Wednesday, but the Clinton Avenue signal won't be ready to install until sometime next month.

Camis realizes the delay has created additional traffic woes and thanked drivers for their patience during construction.

"I understand people get frustrated," he said. "That's not unusual in this business. But I think overall we did a good job and this has been a successful project."

-- Shannon Greene, Enquirer-Herald