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York chamber vacates office for renovations

YORK -- The Greater York Chamber of Commerce moved temporarily to a new office this week. The new address is at 203 E. Liberty St. in York.

The permanent office, housed in the York Railroad depot, will be closed for renovations for about four months, according to chamber director Paul Boger.

"The building was just in need of some work in order to preserve it and to accommodate our needs," Boger said.

During the next few months, the depot will undergo roof repairs, new window installations, and major internal reconstruction to make it "more hospitable," Boger said.

"We're going to knock some walls down and open it up in there," he said. "We're really excited about it. It will really enhance the appeal."

Boger said the new office would serve as a welcome center for western York County, providing information about Brattonsville, Kings Mountain and the Museum of Western York County in Sharon.

During the temporary displacement, that information can be found at the York City Hall on North Roosevelt St.

"We've been in that building for quite some time," Boger said. "United Way may have an office there also, but on a limited basis."

The renovation has already started, according to Boger. The old decking behind the building that was once used as a railroad platform is being removed and preparations for the construction are underway.

"We'll be out of the way so the construction can be done more efficiently," Boger said.

Mike Laughlin, Enquirer-Herald