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More plots needed

CLOVER -- The grounds of Woodside Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in the town of Clover, will be expanded during the next year, creating space for additional plots.

Although Woodside is not completely full, all of the plots on the grounds have been sold, said Town Administrator Allison Harvey. Nearby Clover Community Cemetery on Bratton Street is also out of plots.

The 12-acre site will expand 2.67 acres thanks from a donation of land, originally owned by the Clover Assembly of God, Harvey said. The town of Clover now maintains the cemetery.

The land was given to the town of Clover on Oct. 17, with one acre already cleared. The town is going to work on the rest "a little bit at a time," Harvey said.

Once the land is cleared, new plots will be available, Harvey said, adding it will likely be the first quarter of next year.

Woodside was built in 1880 as Presbyterian Church Cemetery and now has 4,258 marked graves, said cemetery historian Ed Stewart.

"It also has roughly 900 unmarked graves that I know of," he said.

"Woodside has a lot of history," Stewart said. "Roughly 60 or 70 confederate soldiers are buried there, and soldiers from World War I and World War II."

Stewart said although the cemetery was built in 1880, there are markers as old as the 1830s on the site.

"About three years ago, a gentleman found a marker in Tennessee from 1839. He tracked it all the way back to York County," Stewart said.

While Stewart appreciates the historical aspect of the cemetery, he said he thinks the expansion will have a positive impact.

"It's a good opportunity for the town," he said. "There will be extra spaces in Woodside. A lot of families want to be buried with their loved ones. We'll still maintain all the history, the old markers."

Stewart said the area has been experiencing an upgrade for the past few years.

"We started trying to revitalize the cemetery in 2000," he said. "In 2005, we put up the veterans' monument, which we're extremely proud of."

Another project the town is working on is building an electronic database of all the gravesites in the town and a way to electronically record all future sales.

"It would be a good way to keep all the dates, be more organized," said Town Councilman Jay Dover. "It would just need to be approved by the council. It should be very easy, it's a no-brainer."

The addition to Woodside is located on the back of the cemetery, across Guinn Street.