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Relay for Life more than walk around track

York County Relay for Life begins at 1 p.m. Saturday at York Comprehensive High School.
York County Relay for Life begins at 1 p.m. Saturday at York Comprehensive High School.

YORK -- Despite the popularity of NASCAR going around in circles isn't always the most interesting thing to spend a Saturday evening doing.

So the organizers of the Western York County Relay for Life are hoping to spice up what would otherwise be a marathon on a quartermile track around the York Comprehensive High School football stadium with some extras along the way, said Lynda Crisp.

"We'll have children's activities from 3 to 7 p.m., music with bands, dance performances by Fascinating Rhythm and other stuff," Crisp said.

The relay, scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. Saturday with the Survivors' Lap, and could well last into the wee hours of Sunday morning. The entertainment will last until midnight, according to Crisp.

"It will go until 1 a.m.," Crisp said.

As of Monday, 33 teams had signed on for the event. Some will just walk the laps, having secured pledges beforehand. Others will have something going on to keep everyone interested, according to Crisp.

One group plans to sell chances to win a handmade quilt. Crisp's team, called "Polly's Smile," will be selling the last of the Western York County Relay for Life Cookbooks, "A Taste of Relay," at $15 each. More than 1,200 copies were printed in two press runs, and less than 50 remain. The books include 593 recipes from the 33 teams involved in last year's relay.

Several groups will also have food to sell, including the Masonic Lodge who will run the concession stand. All proceeds will be going to fund research through the American Cancer Society.

As evening falls, volunteers will be lighting luminaries lining the track memorializing many cancer victims, and honoring several survivors as well, Crisp said. Once they are lit, all of the names will be read aloud.

Now in it's third year, organizers hope to beat last year's fundraising total and bring in $107,000. Last year the event raised $106,000, and it brought in $90,000 in it's first year after separating from the Rock Hill Relay in 2007, according to Crisp.