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Land swap plan gets nod

CLOVER -- Town Council members gave unanimous approval to a plan that will allow Stephanie Pierce, owner and director of It's a Small World Daycare center at 107 Guinn St. to swap a piece of property she recently bought with a town owned alley off of Guinn Street.

The initial approval begins a longer process that will require a title search on the town's part and at least two council votes to officially transfer the alley to Pierce.

"It's a town alley and she wants to swap the alley with a piece of property she owns on a new parcel so that all her property is contiguous," Town Administrator Allison Harvey said.

The swap will allow Pierce to rework her parking lot for a better flow of traffic through her property. It will include a one-way lane that allows for drop-off and pick-up, and room for about four parking spaces. Initially there was concern that the cars in the parking spaces would be backing out onto Guinn Street, but based on drawings Pierce submitted, she has enough room so that the spaces will instead exit into the one-way lane through her parking lot.

In addition to the new parking lot design, Pierce also plans to build a new playground next to her business, which will be fenced in.

"The only downside is it's doing away with some parking," Harvey said. "But it was never actually public parking, it was just a lot that people parked on."

The land swap will mean traffic going behind shops on Main Street will have a slightly new route, but some council members opined it would actually be a straighter shot.

The switch will not be finalized until the council approves the switch with an ordinance, which may not happen until this fall.