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Hickory Grove suspect helps detectives find $66,000 worth of goods

After a week-long string of construction burglaries, a Hickory Grove man led detectives through impound lots and neighborhoods in York and Clover to find more than $66,000 of equipment he'd stolen from local businesses.

Deputies arrested Brian Lee Moss, 26, and charged him with eight counts of larceny, five counts of burglary and two counts of breaking and entering. He also broke into a Winnibego and a Peterbilt tractor on one property in Clover at the beginning of the month, police said.

Officers recovered about $2,300 of the stolen equipment from a York impound lot and behind two homes in Clover. Police found Moss after making the connection that he had sold one of the missing welders — valued at $800 — to a local man.

Moss rode with detectives to locate some of the missing goods. He also gave officers consent to search his 1997 Chevrolet pickup truck, where they recovered more items.

According to several reports from the York County Sheriff's Office, Moss has been charged in connection with these June incidents:

• He stole 15 power tools and 4,600 rounds of ammunition in two days from a shop on John McCarter Road in Clover. Police found three of the tools in a wooded area covered with a camoflauge tarp and limbs.

• He took another 17 tools from a construction site at a home in York. The tools were left unsecured and the building didn't lock at the time, a report said. Police found fresh tire tracks leading from the building, and neighbors reported hearing a loud vehicle leaving the house around midnight.

• Dozens of tools disappeared from Currence Equipment in Clover. Officers say Moss jimmied the latch on two buildings and also tried to break into the main office area.

• He stole lawn equipment from Oakdale Nursery in Clover. Some of those items included an electric weed eater, chain saw and numerous hand tools that were painted pink. Police found the weed eater and a pair of bolt cutters behind a Clover house and returned them to the nursery.

• He broke into two vehicles at Stewart Construction in Clover and stole two televisions and a stereo. He also took several nail guns, saws and drills from a mobile home that was being renovated nearby.

• He took two aluminum, A-frame ladders worth $180 from the back porch of a house under construction in York.

Warrants for Moss total $100,400.