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Good Samaritan robbed at gunpoint in Clover

A good Samaritan was robbed in Clover this morning while helping what he thought was a stranded motorist, police say.

A 49-year old Clover man was driving on S.C. 557 toward Hwy. 49 around 4:30 a.m. when he stopped to help someone parked along the side of the road. The driver, an unknown man between 18-22 years old, said he needed jumper cables and a jump.

After the victim pulled up near the other car, a man wearing a hockey mask pointed a silver handgun at him and ordered him to turn over all his money, according to the report.

The driver had no money, so the suspect demanded that he leave his cell phone.

The victim was unable to give a detailed description of the suspect, other than the man was wearing a dark hooded sweat shirt and it appeared he had large hair. The suspect left in a gray mid-sized car.