Enquirer Herald

Letters - March 20, 2008

Everyone needs health care

While I do agree with Charles Blackwell that more local and national college professors as well as high school history teachers should be teaching more and speaking out more about our countries politics, he failed to mention (in his letter to the editor last week) that our country already has some socialized programs.

In this country we have welfare, Medicaid, Medicare and the great boondoggle of this administrations prescription coverage for seniors. While our military is totally voluntary it is ruled by our government.

I believe that more people should do more for themselves and not depend on our state or federal government for help but everyone needs healthcare, even in Fidel's Cuba every citizen has health coverage and their literacy rate above 95 percent. The reason that a lot of this country keeps reminding us of how bad Cuba is that Fidel Castro beat John F. Kennedy at his own game and they are still around!

In our country, people want to bring up freedom of speech and rReligion except when someone else's opinion is different than theirs. No political party has all the answers and no political party is completely wrong. We have to just hope for the best and that we voted for the lessor of two liars.

I for one would be willing to pay a little more in taxes so that everyone can have healthcare. If there is a person out there is willing to be the one to tell a child with leukemia that they can't have treatment because they don't have health coverage, or a person with diabetes or AIDS that can't get their meds because they don't have prescription coverage then please step forward.

Until then, let's not cast stones unless you have the right answer.

Elton Hubbard