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Letters to the editor: Help build our community’s future; Lake Wylie park would be awesome

Help build for our community’s future

As many of you know there is a proposed Sportsplex on the table that we can get built as a community.

Of course with any big project there is a cost. This project will have a variety of amenities and while they will all be important with various sports, my focus is baseball. I have been a part of baseball in our area since I could get a glove on my son. This has been the best experience of my life. As a baseball community we have egregiously limited field resources. The population of the area has outgrown the only public recreation facility and when you live on the edges of Clover and play baseball all you can do is borrow fields from the schools or a few private facilities.

I played baseball my whole life and we had so many field complexes at every end of a very small northeast town with one-third the population we have here. I have lived in the Lake Wylie end of Clover for the past 11 years and I am so proud to be a part of a loving caring community.

What this note is asking people to do is make sure you help continue the growth in 29710 and vote yes to get this park fully-funded and open. There is a cost to everything we do in life, and if you put cost over giving something to our children – that would be a mistake.

You have an opportunity to do something for children. Imagine the look on a child face when they get told they can’t play a sport because we had to limit registration based on not enough fields?

As a community builds itself, you have to build things for it ... and for the future.

Ed Bailey, Lake Wylie

Park would be awesome

I am really excited about the new Sports Park in Lake Wylie. I would like to be able to play at night, practice to eventually become a pro ball player and have some serious fun! I also think that I would make lots of new friends and get to play against other new people. It will bring lots of people to Lake Wylie, which is awesome!

Nick Czaikowski, 8, Lake Wylie