Fort Mill Times

Letter: Good news about recycling center

On behalf of many of us who are “regulars” at the Fort Mill East Recycle Center, we were saddened when the bad news of the imminent closing that came out of the blue.

It was a great location and so convenient and a great bunch of friendly, caring men were always ready to help. I always looked forward to drive in there and be greeted with a smiling face and a kind word or two. We were like a big happy family, joking and kidding with each other. When I went in last week, with my sad face, because they were scheduled to close in a few days, I perked up a bit when informed by one of the workers that they got a 30-day extension. It’s too bad that something so beneficial to so many has to be taken away all in the name of progress and/or greed.

Sandy Paul

Fort Mill