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New pizza & more option in town as Toppers opens in Fort Mill

Toppers Pizza opened at the corner of Tom Hall Street and Doby’s Bridge Road recently.
Toppers Pizza opened at the corner of Tom Hall Street and Doby’s Bridge Road recently. Submitted photo

It’s a hometown dream come true for Bill Stayduhar.

The former pizza delivery kid for a big chain just opened his third Toppers Pizza, this time in Fort Mill. He looks forward to having his favorite pizza – buffalo chicken – delivered to his front door from his own store.

He already has two Toppers in Charlotte, selling and delivering pizza with multiple topping options, Topperstix breadsticks (his favorite is bacon), and chicken wings to a mainly delivery and carryout crowd. Limited seating will be available inside, and Stayduhar is thinking about a patio area.

The Toppers concept focuses on freshness and quality, he said. Topping options are extensive – hence the name. “We have macaroni and cheese pizza, taco pizza; it’s incredible what you can do. And we’re open until 3 a.m.! ”

As an incentive to visit the grand opening Oct. 22 in Fort Mill Square, Stayduhar gave away free weekly pizza for a year to the first 50 people in line by 11 a.m.

“At other stores where we’ve done this, people have gotten in line on Friday, even Thursday,” he said. “It’s really exciting.”

Stayduhar has run his two Charlotte Toppers for 19 years, he said, and is excited to open the new store at 400 Doby’s Bridge Road near the new Wal-Mart market.

“I’ve lived in Fort Mill since 1979, went to high school here,” he said.

Aimee, his wife of 20 years, also graduated from Fort Mill. His daughters Lily, Ruby and Phoebe, are in eighth, sixth and fourth grades here now.

“We need more staff still,” Bill Stayduhar said, “drivers and insiders.”

He invites customers and potential employees to visit to check out the menu or apply for a job.