Fort Mill Times

Civilized, really?

I cannot believe what I have heard from the Republican party. They are angry because President Obama is bringing our troops home. They wanted them to stay in harm’s way longer. Why?

I believe it was to protect the interests of the oil companies and other business that have been successful in Iraq. Of course, we the people of America are footing the bill. The Republicans are saying we must cut spending and are willing to take away from you and me, but not the special interest groups that fund their campaigns. Who would profit if the war continued? Halliburton, oil companies? Who would lose? The Iraqi people, the American taxpayers?

John McCain said we “lost” another war. I thought we were at war with Saddam Hussein and terrorism. He did not say we were ending the war against terrorism. Actually, he is the only one who took it to the terrorist. He got Osama Bin Laden, when no one else would. He went into a Pakistan without their permission and took out the leader of the worst terrorist group. He let Pakistan know we would not tolerate their lack of action against these people. He would not sign an agreement with Iraq to leave our military there to face the enemy alone and without the backing of the Iraqi government.

I am proud of what our military has done and our president. They fought a war that should never had started. President Bush spent thousands of dollars to fly to Iraq and put us a sign that said “Mission Accomplished.” The rest was just supposed to be support until the new government of Iraq took over. Well, it is time for the Iraqi people to show they really want democracy.

Our foreign policies must change. Many people have made the mistake of thinking that everyone in the world wants what we have. These countries we continue to fight in only go back to their old ways once we leave. Do you really think after centuries of fighting they are going to change their ways? The Middle East has had warlords and religious fanatics since the Crusades.

When I heard the government of Iraq was making up a constitution that would include laws from the Koran, I knew nothing was going to change. So why should we continue to build schools, repair their homes and infrastructure only to have it destroyed by the next war they start with someone?

We call ourselves civilized. We fight by the rules, but in war there are no rules. Our men are being beheaded on TV. We get upset because we find out they were torturing people in Gitmo.

We bring people to trial; they shoot them in the head or put them in prison with no trial. They blow up schools and churches and mosques, and no one does anything. If someone blows up something in the U.S., we fight back. Other countries wait for someone else to come over and help them. Many of the armies and police in these countries are part of the enemy. How many of these people have killed our soldiers? How many of our innocent people died in the towers?

War is not civilized.