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Lake Wylie Music Fest cancelled

Lake Wylie Music Fest won’t be making a third appearance in 2012. It’ll be 2013.

Organizers announced the show, accessible by boat only, won’t resume it’s annual summer dates from Boyds Cove this year. However, they are already planning a return for summer 2013.

“We’re only taking a break,” founders Jon and Jan Pendleton said. “We have a wonderful abundance of musicians and other performing artists who are more than eager to participate, but we need a volunteer workforce to put all of the pieces together.”

This summer, however, they are planning a weekend event to include drumming, improvisational music, yoga and healing arts at Riverbirch Yoga, featuring some Music Fest regulars. In addition to being a sister benefit for Weddington, N.C.-based drumStrong, Jan Pendleton hopes the event will feed interest for resuming the Fest.

Lake Wylie Music Fest began in 2010 as a monthly gathering of musical and other artists from June to August. Past acts include various genres of music, belly dance and fire artistry. The venue is a residential dock in Boyds Cove, and despite only having access by boat, the show grew to attract several hundred guests at a time.

The show also found support from about two dozen partners or sponsors. Sound equipment and production came from 3rd Wish Productions, and scaffolding from Sunbelt Rentals, among others. All artists and organizers participated without pay, and events were free to the boating public.

Yet the Pendletons, along with sponsor Paul Noble, did much of the heavy lifting.

“Primarily it’s been just three of us who pulled off the bulk of the labor from booking, scheduling, design, promotion and engineering to set-up and tear-down,” said Jon Pendleton.

One staple of each show was the drum circle, which could continue to help spur support for future events. Informal drum circle and jam events are still held once a month at Riverbirch Yoga and the cove property that’s home to Music Fest events. Dates are posted online at

Pendleton hopes to know by this summer what the future of Lake Wylie Music Fest will be, whether it’ll continue annually, every other year or something different. She said a handful of people birthed the event, and now she needs “the village to help us raise this child.”

“It’s been a labor of love, really,” she said. “We wouldn’t have done it at all if we didn’t love our lake home. And we hope there are others of this unique waterside community who want to join with us to keep going forward for next year.”

For more information, or to help plan 2013 Lake Wylie Music Fest events, email