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18.89 winning number at Thursday Night tourney on Lake Wylie

It was 18.89 pounds, and a big fish of 6.38 pounds, that landed the win May 24 during the Thursday Night Tournament Trail on Lake Wylie. There were 52 boats with 23 weighing in.

“Gene Webster put it on us again. The man is in a zone,” said trail co-organizer Erwin Gaston. “I understand he is dredging them up from deep water.”

Mark Humphries and Josh Warren are in a zone, too, taking second place with 14.18 pounds.

“I understand they too are fishing out in deep water,” Gaston said. “The lake is full and surprisingly clear with the water temperature in the mid-80s.”

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TNTT: May 24

1. Gene Webster, 18.89 lbs.

2. Josh Warren/Mark Humphries, 14.18

3. Mark Leech/Anthony Leech, 14.06

4. Ron Farrow/Mike Bushue, 13.01

5. Todd Garner/Shane Hartman, 12.54

6. Mike Stevens/Jay Adams, 12.16

7. Scott Hamrick/Robby Digh, 11.64

8. Conrad Pogorzelski/Billy Wolf, 11.56

9. Steve Addington/Matt Stout, 11.32

10. Rick Carson/Mike Carson, 11.12

11. Chad Schroder/Austin Schroder, 11.05

12. Brandon Chandler/JodY Pridemore, 10.93

13. Cayce West, 10.89

14. Rob Johnson/Matt Johnson, 10.70

15. Bucky Helms/Kelly Brown, 10.37

16. Nathan Williams/John Eisenhour, 9.90

17. David Winters/Brian Huskins, 9.35

18. Jarod Kimak/Gordon Smith, 8.72

19. Hunter Hicks/David Mitchell, 8.03

20. hannon Faulkner/Danny Faulkner, 6.69

21. Aaron Graves/James Brooks, 3.71

22. Matthew Jefferies/Buddy Bingham, 3.58

23. Jim Davis/Lynn Davis, 3.12

Big fish: Gene Webster, 6.38