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Thursday Night anglers hit tough times on Lake Wylie

Summer not so hot for anglers on Lake Wylie.

“What can I say but the summer time toughness is upon us,” said Thursday Night Team Trail co-organizer Erwin Gaston. “The deep water bites have gotten smaller but is still enough to win.”

Ron Farrow and Mike Buschue were able to find the bigger fish June 14 to win with 12.54 pounds.

Second place went to Gordon and Mike Smith with a weight of 11.87 pounds.

Mike Stone and Derek Lilly were able to reel in a bass at 4.06 pounds for the big fish.

Less than half, 14 of 38 boats brought in fish to weigh in.

The Thursday Night Tournament Trail is sponsored by A-1 Adams Bail Bond Agency, Lake Wylie Bait and Tackle, Shakey Head.Com, Jak’s Custom Baits, Koyote Fishing Tackle, Tru South Lures and The Great Outdoors.

The Thursday Night Tournament Trail is held every Thursday through Aug. 30 on Lake Wylie. Sign up the day of the event is 5:30 to 6:20 p.m. at Buster Boyd Access Area. Blastoff is at 6:30 p.m. with weigh-in at 11 p.m. For more information, visit

TNTT results: June 14

1. Ron Farrow/Mike Bushue, 12.54 lbs.

2. Gordon Smith/Mike Smith, 11.87

3. Gene Webster, 11.31

4. Josh Warren/Mark Humphries, 10.42

5. Todd Sosbee/Isiac Sosbee, 9.84

6. Wes May/Willy Nichols, 9.46

7. Steve Hilderbran/Donny Cooper, 9.22

8. Nathan Williams/John Eisenhour, 9.17

9. Conrad Pogorzelski/Billy Wolf, 8.84

10. Mak Leech/Anthony Leech, 8.76

11. Mike Stone/Derek Lilly, 7.99

12. Rob Johnson/Matt Johnson, 7.62

13. Jerry Dean/Dylan Davis, 5.60

14. Brandon Hope/Aaron Strieder, 2.85

Big fish: Mike Stone/Derek Lilly, 4.06