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Lake Wylie fishing trail heats up with weather cool down

The Thursday Night Tournament Trail is heating up on Lake Wylie as June weather cools off.

“The weather for the last several Thursday Night Tournaments has been pretty good, including last night,” said trail co-organizer Erwin Gason of the June 14 event. “It was a very pleasant night with a light breeze, which was just enough to keep the bugs away. The lake is at full pool and the water is clear with the temperature about 83 degrees.”

Mark Humphries and Josh Warren snatched another win from the field of 42 boats bringing five fish to the scale weighing 14.19 pounds. Second place team of Brian Huskins and David Winters brought in 12.72 pounds.

For information about the Thursday Night Tournament Trail and the past and present results, visit lwtt .org.

Trail sponsors are Dicks Sporting Goods, A-1 Adams Bail Bond Agency, Lake Wylie Bait and Tackle, Shakey Head.Com, Jak's Custom Baits, Koyote Fishing Tackle, Tru South Lures and The Great Outdoors.

TNTT: June 14

1. Josh Warren/Mark Humphries, 14.19 lbs.

2. David Winters/Brian Huskins, 12.72

3. Gordon Smith/Jarod Kimak, 12.02

4. Mark Leech/Zach Leech, 11.46

5. Gray Bennett, 11.18

6. Gene Webster, 11.12

7. Scott Beaty/Steve Addington, 11.02

8. Erwin Gaston/Jeremy Cabe, 10.61

9. Todd Sosbee/Isiac Sosbee, 10.58

10. Ron Farrow/Mike Bushue, 9.74

11. Gerald Ramsey/Gerald Ramsey Jr., 9.37

12. Dean Inkelhar/Parker Inkelaar, 9.04

13. Fred Conforto/Travis Easton, 8.98

14. Conrad Pogorzelski/Billy Wolf, 8.86

15. Mike Perry, 8.07

16. Brandon Chandler/Austin Chandler, 8.05

17. Chris Boehme, 7.76

18. Steve Hilderbran/Donny Cooper, 6.06

19. Gerald Briggs/Charles Bridges, 4.63

20. Matt Walters/Ray Grindstaff , 4.00

Big Fish: Mark Leech/Zach Leech, 4.03