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18.58 pounds wins TNTT on Lake Wylie

In a pool of 38 boats, tournament series organizers say the fish won April 18.

“Finally we had a perfect night to be out on the water and the number of boats continue to climb,” said Thursday Night Tournament Trail co-organizer Erwin Gaston of April 18 event. “For the most part, the fish won this night, but as usual we had several guys who figured out the fish and were able to bring in some nice bags of bass.”

Todd Shackleford and David Few weighed a bag of 18.58 pounds for first place. The team said they fished shallow the whole tournament, Gaston said.

Hunter Hicks took second place with his 16.63 pounds. He was tight lipped about his fishing spot, Gaston said.

All bass anglers are invited to fish the Thursday Night Tournament Trail with sign up from 5:30 to 6:20 p.m. every Thursday at Buster Boyd Access Area. Weigh-in begins at 11 p.m.

Trail sponsors are Greene’s Boat and Motor, Academy Sports, The Great Outdoors, Koyote Tackle, True South Custom Lures and A-1 Adams Bonds Agency. For entry fees and more information, visit

TNTT results: April 18

1. David Few/Todd Shackleford, 18.58

2. Hunter Hicks, 16.63

3. Darryl Deaton/Shawn Wallace, 16.43

4. Robin Cairco/Mike Buschue, 14.90

5. Jay Adams/Jay Adams Jr., 12.45

6. Tim Parker/Adam Parker, 11.37

7. Brandon Chandler/Nikki Sereno, 10.88

8. David Winters/Russ Winters, 10.08

9. Allan Shad/Ken Moore, 9.53

10. Cayce West/Mike McDuffee, 8.67

11. Christopher Spencer/Danny Spencer, 7.72

12. Chad Taylor/Brad Gates, 6.19

Big fish: Jay Adams/Jay Adams Jr., 5.47