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Thursday night trail sees better fishing conditions

Thursday Night Tournament Trail sees good fishing conditions on Lake Wylie.

“Finally a good night to go fishing,” said trail co-organizer Erwin Gaston of the April 25 event. “The lake is full, the moon was full and the skies were clear.

“The fish are biting, but for the most part, they seem to be small,” he said.

Hunter Hicks brought in a 16.01-pound bag of largemouth bass to collect the win, big fish pot and the side pot out of 36 boats.

Todd Garner and Shane Hartman took second place with a 15.32 bag.

All bass anglers are invited to fish the Thursday Night Tournament Trail with sign up from 5:30 to 6:20 p.m. every Thursday at Buster Boyd Access Area. Weigh-in begins at 11 p.m.

Trail sponsors are Greene’s Boat and Motor, Academy Sports, The Great Outdoors, Koyote Tackle, True South Custom Lures and A-1 Adams Bonds Agency. For entry fees and more information, visit

TNTT results: April 25

1. Hunter Hicks, 16.01

2. Todd Garner/Shane Hartman, 15.32

3. Robert Fowler/Steve Whitesides Jr., 14.34

4. Mike Alman/Keith Porter, 13.78

5. Gordon Smith, 13.77

6. Brandon Chandler/Shawn Wallace, 13.14

7. Matt Stout, 11.99

8. Patrick Helms/Steven Helms, 10.91

9. Mike Stephens, 10.83

10. Mike Perry, 10.59

11. Kyle Whisonant/David Clanton, 10.54

12. Phillip Burke/Andy Beechly, 10.23

13. Tony Vierra/Ray Pappy, 10.03

14. Jeremy Cabe/Erwin Gaston, 8.58

15. Jack Fraser/JD Barber, 8.37

16. David Winters/Russ Winters, 8.14

17. Roger Milem/Matthew Foster, 7.03

Big fish: Hunter Hicks, 5.03