Fort Mill Times

Clear lake brings anglers back to try TNTT

The Thursday Night Tournament Trail saw good return of anglers July 18 with 40 boats.

“The muddy water has pushed through and the lake has cleared back up,” said Erwin Gaston who organizes the trail with Jeremy Cabe.

Ben Ruebel and Walt Brysick brought the win to the scales with 14.35 pounds.

Second place went to Ed Parker and George Bauchem with 13.62 pounds.

The trail continues Thursdays at Buster Boyd Access Area with signs up starting at 5:15 p.m. and blast off at 6:30 p.m. through Aug. 29. The two-day championship tournament will be held Sept. 6-7. For more information and tournament results, visit

Trail sponsors are Greene’s Boat and Motor, Academy Sports, Kangaroo Express, The Great Outdoors, A-1 Adams Bonds Agency, Koyote Tackle, True South Custom Lures, and Lake Wylie Bait and Tackle.

TNTT results: July 18

1. Ben Ruebel/Walt Brysick, 14.35

2. Ed Parker/George Bauchem, 13.62

3. Mark Humphries/Mike Carson, 12.37

4. Mike Perry/Matt Sztyber, 11.52

5. John Hammett/Jerry Stedmon, 11.37

6. David Clanton/Kyle Whisenaut, 11.12

7. Mike Stevens/Hunter Hicks, 10.86

8. Brian Holder/Daniel Whitesides, 10.78

9. Gordon Smith/Eric Brink, 10.76

10. Mike Stone/Derek Lilly,10.26

11. Matt Queen/Adam Fillmore, 10.24

12. Justin Sing/Shane Roberts, 9.79

13. Gene Sparks/Rob Johnson, 9.53

14. Chad Taylor/Jason Burtelson, 9.42

15. Matt Walters Patrick McSwain, 8.86

16. Josh Featherstone/Dave Snearly, 8.86

17. Jay Adams/Jay Adams Jr., 8.30

18. Andy Beechly, 8.12

19. David Quinn/Blake West, 7.43

20. Ron Fleanor/Jesse Gardner, 6.34

21. Todd Sosebee/Issac Sosebee, 5.92

22. Robin Cairico/Mike Buschue, 5.85

Big fish: Ed Parker/George Baucam, 4.16