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Lake Wylie anglers beat tough summer fishing

Summertime fishing may be tough, but getting better on Lake Wylie.

“The summertime tough bite was upon the guys when two thirds of the field did not weigh in,” said Erwin Gaston, co-organizer with Jeremy Cabe of the Aug. 8 Thursday Night Tournament Trail. “The fishing is tough.”

But, Gaston said, every week one or two teams figure the fish out and bring in the weight.

Jarod Kimak and Tim Sabella brought a 15.06-pound bag of largemouths to take the win Aug. 8, and the big fish of the night at 5.66 pounds. Second place went to the team of Brian Holder and Daniel Whitesides with 13.52 pounds.

At the Aug. 15 tournament, Gaston said, “fishing was a little better with half the field weighing in.”

“The weather was awesome with the cool temperatures and clear night,” he said.

Steven Helms and Dean Blankenship beat out 34 other teams with a weight of 17.14 pounds and had the big fish of the night that weighed 4.40 pounds. Second place went to Mike McDuffee and Casey West with a weigh of 16.64 pounds.

Thursday Night Tournament Trail launches 6:30 p.m. every week through Aug. 29 from Buster Boyd Access Area on Lake Wylie. The fish off will be held Sept. 6-7. For more information, visit

Sponsors for the trail are Greene’s Boat and Motor, Academy Sports, Kangaroo Express, A-1 Adams Bonds Agency, Koyote Tackle, True South Custom Lures, and Lake Wylie Bait and Tackle.

TNTT results: Aug. 8

1. Tim Sabella/Jarod Kimak, 15.06

2. Brian Holder/Daniel Whitesides, 13.52

3. Steve Addington/Scott Beaty, 12.41

4. David Clanton/Mark Humphries, 9.42

5. Mike Stone/Derek Lilly, 8.92

6. David Winters, 8.82

7. Keith Porter/Chris Clark, 8.75

8. Ben Ruebel/Walt Brysik, 8.18

9. Conrad Pogerzelski/Billy Wolf, 7.81

10. Gene Sparks/Rob Johnson, 7.53

11. Todd Lowe/Billy Holyfield, 6.31

Big fish: Tim Sabella/Jarod Kimak, 5.66

TNTT results: Aug. 15

1. Steven Helms/Dean Blankenship, 17.14

2. Mike McDuffee/Casey West, 16.64

3. Rick Carson/James Clemmons, 13.49

4. Brian Huskins/Cole Huskins, 11.53

5. Jay Adams/Glen Sparrow, 11.44

6. Ben Ruebel/Walt Brysik, 11.04

7. Jarod Kimak/Tim Sabella, 10.61

8. Derek Lilly/David Clanton, 10.56

9. David Winters/Russ Winters, 10.16

10. Ron Farrow/Roger Farrow, 9.66

11. Mike Smith/Adam Filmore, 9.55

12. Josh Featherstone/Dave Snearly, 9.55

13. Steve Addington/Scott Beaty, 9.39

14. Alan Shad/Jeff Brown, 8.95

15. Anthony Leech/Tonya Hoyle, 8.05

16. Conrad Pogerzelski/Billy Wolf, 6.93

17. Travis Cane/Cameron Cane, 4.92

18. Gene Sparks/Rob Johnson, 4.18

Big fish: Steven Helms/Dean Blankenship, 4.40