Fort Mill Times

Local teachers earn national certification

There are 94 local teachers in York, Chester and Lancaster counties who recently earned the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification. Statewide, according to results released last week, 755 teachers did the same.

The national push to boost school systems' numbers of board-certified teachers mirrors the federal No Child Left Behind law's mandate to hire teachers who are highly qualified.

The credential has proved to be a lucrative investment for instructors. South Carolina, for example, offers $7,500 annually to any teacher who wins certification. On top of that, some districts offer extra incentives.

York, Clover and Lancaster County school districts don't offer extra money. Districts offering incentives tend to have more national board certified teachers than districts that don't. According to district figures, Rock Hill has the most in the area with 226. Fort Mill is next with 168. Lancaster County has 92, Clover has 76 and York has 35.

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards' application process is grueling. It costs $3,000 and can take up to three years to complete.

Applicants must fashion a portfolio of extensive writing assignments and video of themselves teaching. Next, they take a six-part, three-hour test.

These area teachers won certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in Clover school district: Tammy Adams, Debbie Atkins, Amy Bradshaw, Amy Brewer, Michelene Day, Yvonne Ginebra, Paige Howe, Judith Kettles, Pamela Mack-Cheatham, Angel Rushton and Angela Sulls.

Teachers in the Fort Mill school district are Lindsey Campbell, Jeremy Carrick, Kylie Carroll, Deidra Cross, Ernest Dickey, Rebecca Duda, Rachel Elia Fura, Kelly Elkins, Elizabeth Eppes, Tracy Fisher, Emily Gaither, Andrea Haley, Kate Haynes, Teasha Kincaid. Kasey Kolste, Mary Long, Christy Matkovich, Heather Morris, Patricia Murray, Katherine Philpott, Amanda Pyrc, Susan Schoer, Kristin Swigunski, David Thomas, Ernest Tolbert, Kimberly Wasson, Kristin Weeks and Stephanie West.