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Disappointed in primary coverage

Disappointed in coverage

I am very disappointed in the pre-primary election coverage of the Lake Wylie Pilot. There was hardly a word of the election, let alone any information about the candidates. My wife spent a few hours on the Internet with the best results only identifying candidates’ names and a little biographical information for each. Finding the issues associated with each elected office and the candidates positions on those issues was almost impossible. (We missed the May 27 issue due to travel, so if the information was included therein, I stand corrected).

We understand the limited staff resources of a local weekly publication, like the Pilot, but your parent paper, the Herald, should be providing this type of information and making it available to the Pilot. If they were not doing preliminary reporting on the “primarys,” then shame on them. If they were, why weren’t you including the coverage in the Pilot? What is the purpose of a newspaper, if not to provide information of importance to its community.

The general apathy of the public toward these elections is a disgrace and that is on us (the voters). However, the lack of readily available information about issues and candidates can be a real deterrent to voting. Many of my friends who did vote only voted for a couple of candidates and left others blank due to this problem. Please make a better effort in the future.

Jon Varvel

Lake Wylie